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Doja Cat’s ‘Hot Pink’ will keep you warm all winter

Only a year after her debut album Amala and viral Twitter sensation “MOOO!”, Doja Cat proves to audiences that she is no one hit-wonder with the release of Hot Pink, a sophomore album proving her audacity as an artist. While Amala signaled an effortless and playful entrance to the rap world, Hot Pink demonstrates that the 24-year-old rapper can consistently deliver deliberate and lush production. 

The album opens with steamy “Cyber Sex,” a bouncy beat that is reminsicent of the light and fruity energy of her Amala track “Game.” The track is accompanied by a gorgeous high-tech and futuristic video, showing off Doja Cat’s same lovable charm from “Go To Town,” but with creative high-production experimentation. The video is a sexy Black Mirror episode, featuring innovative metallic outfits and purposefully tacky visuals. 

Hot Pink matches the charismatic energy seen from Doja Cat in her previous hits, but the album overall feels far from repurposed. Doja Cat flexes a new range of creativity with a versatile set of tracks. She shows off her multifaceted talent with powerful and sexy “Bite,” “Say So,” and “Like That,” — all electric summery-hits that are more than welcome in these cold winter days. The second half of the album slows down, with “Addiction” and “Streets” offering Doja’s more sultry and hazy bedroom vocals. Where the album lacks a stylistic cohesion, Hot Pink satiates a range of moods that make for an all-round memorable set of tracks. 

Hot Pink ends with a remix of her iconic “Juicy,” a near-perfect track, spoiled only by the unfortunate Tyga feature. While Gucci Mane and Tyga are welcome additions to the album, Doja Cat’s solo tracks establish that her songwriting has more than enough substance on its own—a mix of genres, gorgeous vocals, and a captivating charisma that we first fell in love with last year. 

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