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Deep Cuts: Under the Sun

What A Buzz

Artist: Olly Murs

Album: Right Place Right Time

Released: November 26, 2012

All about a nervous first date, “What A Buzz” boasts simple lyrics, an incredibly catchy chorus, and goofy vocals. “Got ketchup on my trousers and my cheeks are going red […] What a beautiful buzz with the girl I might love,” Murs excitably confesses; and when paired with a ridiculously catchy whistle, it’s bound to get stuck in your head.


Worship You

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Album: Modern Vampires Of the City

Released: May 14, 2013

With its galloping beat and fast-tempo lyrics, “Worship You” progresses from a single guitar riff, before building momentum over time with the inclusion of various instruments, before reaching a stunning climax within the last 40 seconds. A fantastic and uplifting blend of smart lyricism, synthesizers, and heavy drums, these last few moments of “Worship You” easily render it one of Vampire Weekend’s most memorable moments.



Artist: La Roux

Album: Trouble In Paradise

Released: July 18, 2014

Taken from her second studio album, “Sexotheque” features heavy ’80s guitar riffs and airy vocals. On a record jam-packed with tropical-sounding songs, this one holds its own in providing one of the catchiest melodies released last year.


Gotta Get Away

Artist: The Black Keys

Album: Turn Blue

Released: August 19, 2014

One of The Black Keys’ most straightforward, simple, and honest songs, “Gotta Get Away” sees lead singer Dan Auerbach pack up his belongings and drive cross-country in search of a new start. “I went from San Berdoo to Kalamazoo, just to get away from you,” he confesses, delivered over a fantastic blend of guitars and drums that literally makes you want to pack up your belongings too and drive off into the desert. If there was ever a song that /sounded/ like summer, this is it.

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