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Deep Cuts: Time Warp

My Same

Artist: Adele
Album: 19

Released: January 28, 2008

Adele has made a name for herself with her soulful and powerful voice, bringing new beauty to pop ballads. In “My Same” Adele’s vocal muscles were not flexed as far as on other tracks, but the cool vintage piece highlights her distinct, old–fashioned voice. Adele blends deep, luxurious vocals with catchy jazz guitar melodies, and a swung rhythm to compose a classy romantic number. Lyrically, she moves away from her usual subject—breakups. Instead, “My Same” is about the fun romance of an unlikely pair. Enjoy with a martini, heavy-winged eyeliner, and ’60s bouffant. 

Well, You Can Do It Without Me 

Artist: Father John Misty

Album: Fear Fun

Released: April 30, 2012

The former Fleet Foxes drummer Joshua Tillman is now producing music as Father John Misty. On “Well You Can Do It Without Me,” he returns to quality roots of rock ‘n’ roll with steady blues guitar rhythms and conventional lyrics holding together the laid-back jam. The gruff but strong vocals complete the song’s sound: It’s both new and retro; it returns to the blues rock sounds of the late ’70s, but isn’t a copy of other current acts like The Black Keys or Jack White.

Apocalypse Dreams

Artist: Tame Impala

Album: Lonerism

Released: October 5, 2012

Tame Impala is known for the influence of psychedelic rock in its music on tracks like “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” But the group really radiates the euphoric sounds of the late ’60s on “Apocalypse Dreams.” It features lead singer Kevin Parker channelling the voice of John Lennon as well as drippy keyboard chords and fuzzy synth effects. Bursts of blissed-out guitar riffs and detached and dreamy lyrics give the song a dizzying and indulgent feel. Like the psychedelic rock of the ’60s and ’70s, you’ll feel a little bit high after just one hit. 

In Case of Fire 

Artist: Mark Ronson
Album: Uptown Special

Released: January 13, 2015

Mark Ronson has blown up the radio recently, with Bruno Mars lending his voice to Ronson’s chart-topping single, “Uptown Funk.” Uptown Special features the vocals of artists with a wide range of styles. Most noteworthy is his collab with Jeff Bhasker, “In Case of Fire.” The jam starts off with heavy guitar riffs circa 1982 before sliding into a smooth bass line, organ groove, and breathy falsetto vocals. If there is one thing that tells us that this song wasn’t released in the ‘80s, it’s the reference to the drug of choice of the 2010s: Adderall.

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