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CD REVIEWS: Zeus: Say Us

Zeus’ debut album Say Us may want to make you skip spring altogether: it’s got summer written all over it.

Getting their start as Jason Collett’s backing band, the men of Zeus have crafted an album of hooks, harmonies, and good ol’ fashioned rock. And I mean ol’ fashioned when I say it; almost everything from the guitar tones to the aforementioned harmonies have a strong retro vibe that recall the best of the sixties.

The songs range from heavy head-bangers (“You Gotta’ Teller”) to laid-back simmerers (“I Know”) and everything in between. It’s this variety that keeps the album feeling as fresh as possible, given its classic bend. If one thing is certain, it’s how good these songs will sound blasted from your car stereo on your roadtrip mixtape.

People will no doubt complain that Zeus are living too much in the past, simply reheating a meal better served by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but to do so would be missing the point. This Toronto band does classic rock and they do it well, and as much as these songs may reference rock of old, they aren’t imitations.

What’s most impressive is how the Zeus fingerprint remains indelible amongst the familiar retro-isms, taking the best sounds of the past and giving them Zeus’ original flavour. Besides, as a rock band, is there any better time to be revisiting than the sixties and seventies?

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