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CD REVIEWS: The Fugitives: Eccentrically We Love

After their EP In Streetlight Communion was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2007, it’s no wonder that The Fugitives’ first full-length album Eccentrically We Love pushes the boundaries once again with their storytelling and instrumental fusing talents. Eccentrically We Love shifts from spoken-word to folk rock to slam poetry throughout the album, with each song displaying the band’s range of talents.

An upbeat, folk-pop sound is introduced at the start of the album with some banjo and accordion sounds in “Pickled,” “Start a War,” and “Funeral.” “City of Rain” is definitely appealing to those who enjoy a country feel, and even has a slower David Gray-esque melody. But not all of the less upbeat songs on the album are so enjoyable: “Everytime,” and even the title track provide a soothing but dreary ambiance.

It’s difficult to choose one breakout hit in the album, but the collection of songs is impressive if you can discover and appreciate Eccentrically We Love‘s cheery flow of contemporary folk, displaying both light-hearted, playful styles and some dark and eccentric themes.

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