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Deep Cuts: Songs for my future wedding

God Only Knows

Artist: Beach Boys

Album: Pet Sounds

Released: May 16, 1966

This wonderful, harmonically complex, feel-good track is not always rightfully recognized as one of the greatest tracks of the 1960s. According to the songwriters, it is a story told from the point of view of a man contemplating life after death and professing his eternal love for his paramour. The Beach Boys are the perfect addition to any wedding soundtrack due to their affinity for songs about all-consuming love. This track would be the perfect end to the big day with a couple professing a larger-than-life love for each other, for “as long as there are stars above [them].”

I Think of You

Artist: Rodriguez

Album: Coming From Reality

Released:  November 1971

Released in 2012, the documentary Searching for Sugar Man detailed the story of Cape Town fans trying to find their favorite musician, Sixto Rodriguez, who was rumoured to be dead. In reality, they found the legendary musician working construction in Detroit. Rodriguez’s music never took off in the U.S., but became the soundtrack to the lives of many young South Africans with the anti-Apartheid movement as a backdrop. This track, with its soulful guitar and haunting lyrics, might be one of the greatest love songs ever. Its slow pace and smooth guitar makes it perfect for a walk down the aisle on that special day. 

Modern Love

Artist: David Bowie

Album: Let’s Dance

Released: April 14, 1978

There is no better way to get the party started than an old-school ’80s dance track. David Bowie created a true masterpiece with this iconic track. The song is youthful and rebellious, and can easily relate to any couple’s love story. It brings us back to the comedic torture of teenage years portrayed in films like The Breakfast Club. Although more mainstream, this track has a significant alien edge, which makes both a surprise and a favourite track on the dance floor.

Ritual Union

Artist: Little Dragon

Album: Ritual Union

Released: July 25, 2011

Little Dragon is a small electronic band that earned its name due to lead vocalist Yukimi Nagano’s tendency to throw “fuming tantrums” in the recording studio. The band’s unique sound earned them a feature on Gorillaz’s excellent album Plastic Beach (2010). This track has a wonderfully sexy, alluring style, making you want to dance close to that special someone. Its title alone makes it the perfect song to include in a wedding, but its balance of energetic and mellow makes it an ideal song for fun dancing while dressed in classy attire. 

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