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McGill men’s basketball falls to Ottawa despite inspiring comeback attempt

The McGill men’s basketball team (1–2) began this season’s back-to-back schedule on Oct. 15 with a heartbreaking defeat, losing 70-64 at home to the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees (2–0) despite an inspiring second-half comeback performance.  The Gee-Gees started the game off strong with an effective full-court man-to-man press, preventing McGill[Read More…]

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The darker side of pre-med

For many pre-medical students, dreams of practising medicine have been playing through their minds since they were children. It’s the allure of being able to save someone’s life, help a person feel better, or finally provide that answer a patient has been searching for. Of course, some people have other[Read More…]

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The multifaceted stories of ‘Personal Attention Roleplay’

Montreal-based writer and fiction editor Helen Chau Bradley is set to release their debut story collection Personal Attention Roleplay on Nov. 23 under Metonymy Press. The McGill Tribune reviews the stories ahead of this upcoming release. “Only The Lonely,” Ian Clements “Only The Lonely” follows the relationships of an unemployed[Read More…]

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McGill partners with Centraide to host walk/run fundraiser in annual campaign

McGill announced on Oct. 12 that it is partnering with Centraide of Greater Montreal for its 2021 Centraide Campaign. The campaign, managed by the McGill Centraide Committee, will raise funds to help alleviate  financial burdens of Montrealers in need, providing support for rent, food, education, and other necessities.  The main[Read More…]

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