Cultural critics face off at Walrus debate

Two prominent cultural critics squared off at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts on Wednesday, arguing about—and, more often than not, agreeing on—how best to promote the arts in Montreal. The debate, hosted by McGill and The Walrus, a monthly publication that fancies itself “Canada’s Best Magazine,” was planned[Read More…]

The Times, It Is A-Changin’

When The New York Times announced a couple of weeks ago that it would begin charging readers to access more than 20 stories per month on its website, it didn’t take long for those who knew I was an obsessive reader to start making jokes. Within hours of the announcement,[Read More…]

Munroe-Blum talks tuition hikes, McKinsey controversy

Holly Stewart Principal Heather Munroe-Blum sat down with reporters from the McGill Daily, Le Délit, and the Tribune earlier this month to answer questions about the upcoming tuition hikes, the ratio of graduate students to undergraduates, and McGill’s Strategic Reframing Initiative. In response to questions about provincial tuition increases, which[Read More…]

Student investigated for hateful tweets

The McGill administration is currently investigating Haaris Khan, a McGill student who, using Twitter, threatened to shoot a roomful of other students last week at a campus film screening. Khan made the threats at a screening of “Indoctrinate U,” a documentary, on March 8 hosted by Conservative McGill and Libertarian[Read More…]

He’s just a small town boy, living in a lonely world In Cedar Rapids, Tim Lippe (Ed Helms), a small town insurance salesman with a heart of gold, is the picture of Midwestern naiveté—a man, as his boss says, who was going places and then never did. He’s never flown on a plane before, doesn’t drink, and wears a sweater[Read More…]

Jobbook Details

Nearly a fortnight after the Students’ Society Council issued a public censure of President Zach Newburgh for his involvement with, a social networking website designed to connect students at elite universities with employers, new details have emerged about the efforts by several councillors to remove Newburgh from office. Certain[Read More…]

Council votes to censure Newburgh

Matt Essert The Students’ Society Council voted to publicly censure President Zach Newburgh in the predawn hours of Friday morning for his role in pursuing a contract with, a new social networking website designed to match students at elite universities with potential employers. The deliberations and the vote to censure, which[Read More…]

Collective reopens after permit debacle

After being shut down by the Students’ Society on January 25, Midnight Kitchen, the Shatner Building’s popular vegan food cooperative, reopened for lunch on Friday with a renewed permit. The cooperative’s sudden closure was the result of a “communication fiasco” between Midnight Kitchen and SSMU, said Emily Zheng, an administrative[Read More…]

For ICU patients, private rooms help cut infection rates Being admitted to a private room in a hospital’s intensive care unit can dramatically decrease the likelihood of a patient contracting an infection, a recent McGill study suggests. About one in three patients admitted to hospital ICUs contract some sort of infection, which increases the length of the average[Read More…]

A Shorter Frosh

Adam Scotti Due to calendar changes made by the university administration, Frosh is likely to change dramatically next year, with a variety of social and orientation events packed into a shorter time frame. The details of the proposed changes are still being discussed, but a key factor driving them is[Read More…]

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