FEATURES: It’s sexier to write in Montreal

Writing is like sex. There’s that playing around with ideas before hand, the ejaculation of ideas on paper, and in one sweeping moment of inspiration the climax (of the story) comes, bringing everything to an end soon after. So why is it so much better to “do it” in Montreal? What is it about this city that makes it a great place for writers? After all, The Quebec Writers’ Federation dubbed Montreal the World Book Capital in 2005.

CHATTERBOX: ‘Lu and behold!’

Not many professors would start their 10 a.m. class with an Eminem song blaring over the sound system as their half-awake students stumble into the room. Then again, not many professors are like Catherine Lu, who currently teaches Western Political Thought on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Adams auditorium The political science department has more than twice as many men as women professors.

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