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SSMU Report Card

  Zach Newburgh President  With student consultation as one of the main themes of the semester, President Zach Newburgh has thus far done an exemplary job representing the students at McGill. Newburgh was an effective public face during the Arch Café saga and helped to mobilize students by speaking at […]

Quebec Public Interest Research Group

McGill Tribune             Publicly funded social services and organizations exist because we value the role they play in keeping our communities—whether nationally, locally, or campus-based—healthy, supportive, and inclusive. Canadians fund affordable housing, women’s shelters, employment programs and public advocacy groups because we believe that they […]

SSMU Election Endorsement: VP External – Myriam Zaidi

In the last two years the SSMU vice-president external has played a less visible role in student life. But next year, because of the provincial government’s proposed tuition hikes, the external portfolio will likely take centre stage. Fortunately, there’s one candidate with the experience to tackle this complicated issue – Myriam Zaidi, who the Tribune strongly endorses for the position of SSMU VP external.

Tuition comments spark protest

In response to the Quebec Minister of Education Michelle Courchesne’s recent hint that tuition may increase in Quebec, a small group of McGill students gathered in protest at the Roddick Gates on February 18. Some carried signs reading, “Courchesne I can’t afford your lies” while others passed out flyers explaining that since the 2007 deregulation of tuition fees for Quebec and out-of-province students, tuition has increased by approximately $100 per year.

Ed. students fight for paid stage

Education students from McGill and universities across the province will gather in Quebec City this Thursday for a demonstration as part of the campaign to gain remuneration for their fourth-year practicum – or work placement course. Students pursuing education degrees in Quebec are currently required to complete four unpaid practicums, one in each year of their program.