The harms of transformation diets

Content Warning: Mention of disordered eating, abuse Diet and exercise: The cure-all for any health issue, right? Social media is smattered with self-proclaimed “fitness coaches” and “dieticians” who prescribe these quick fixes for anyone wanting to lose weight quickly. The truth is that these “transformation” diets prey on those with[Read More…]

My body is not the enemy

Content Warning: Mentions of disordered eating I started running competitively when I was eight years old. My earliest memory from that year is a race with my dad where I was kicking toward the finish, shouting, “I can’t feel my legs!” Let me tell you, as a runner who too[Read More…]

Leaving the starving student behind

Content Warning: Eating disorders Every McGill student has likely trekked to the library for a study session, and emerged five hours later, stomach grumbling, head aching, needing food close and quick. But not every McGill student can afford a $13.56 salad from Redpath or a $6.37 cup of fruit from[Read More…]

Cross-country runner cut from McGill team after joggling during race

On Sept. 17, cross-country runner Henry Wellenstein participated unofficially in the McGill Cross-Country Open. Simply running the six-kilometre race, however, was not enough for Wellenstein. The fourth-year incorporated his own twist to the competition by simultaneously juggling three balls throughout the course of the race—an activity known as joggling.  “I[Read More…]

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