CD REVIEWS: David Myles: Turn Time Off

If the warm weather makes you nostalgic for winter evenings spent curled up by the fire, David Myles new album, Turn Time Off, is for you. As the title suggests, this album is a break from listeners’ busy lives, and it provides a soundtrack to relax and reflect upon oneself.

TVMcGill shines a spotlight on student films

With online video clips already a welcome distraction at the library, it’s hardly surprising that the Fokus Film Festival’s popularity has expanded exponentially in the past four years. The festival, hosted by TVMcGill, showcases the works of film-savvy, creative McGill students and awards prizes to the best films in each category.

Not even a transplant could save this half-hearted action film

Getting your car or house repossessed is one thing, but getting your new liver repossessed is quite another. In the dark, not-so-distant future of Repo Men, medical advances have led to a manufactured organs market – which is great news, but only if you omit the price tag, of course.

POP RHETORIC: Lost friends

Lost fans, as the title suggests, are lost. These poor people have undergone a metaphorical crash of their usual TV viewing experience and have been abandoned on a virtual island, surrounded by strangers, wondering what will occur next on this jarring roller coaster of a show.

Horror flop The Wolfman begs for a silver bullet

In cinema, there’s always a fine line between the supernatural and the ridiculous, and the best horror films flirt with this boundary without crossing it. Unfortunately, director Joe Johnston’s The Wolfman was less than tactful in his approach to the werewolf genre, and the film ends up resembling more of a farce than a truly scary movie.

CD REVIEWS: Joey Stylez: The Blackstar

The question of whether music can ever be objectively good or bad has plagued musicians and critics alike for decades. Joey Stylez’s debut album, The Blackstar, has finally answered it. His music is absolutely the worst combination of sound I’ve ever heard, and for me, he’s redefined the concept of bad music.

CD REVIEWS: Vampire Weekend: Contra

With their new album, Contra, Vampire Weekend had big shoes to fill: their own. The huge popularity and cult following amongst university students has raised expectations to almost unmatchable heights. With their self-titled debut album, Vampire Weekend came out with a unique style of music that was upbeat, cheery, and appealing to virtually everyone under 30.

POP RHETORIC: The late wars

I’ve never liked Conan O’Brien. I always thought his jokes were mediocre and even though he made me smile on occasion, I thought his humour was more reliant on monkey-esque moves than on actual comedy. However, this past week I’ve been hurting myself laughing as his role as The Tonight Show host seems to be nearing its end.

Cabaret: song and dance lighten up Nazi-ruled Germany

Wilkomen, bienvenue, welcome! These opening words were never more sincerely spoken than at the Arts Undergraduate Theatre Society’s (AUTS) latest production, Cabaret. The show transports you straight to the Kit Kat Club, where inside all is fun and games while the outside world is crumbling.

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