Bad News Brown murdered

On February 12, Montreal lost one of its greatest hip-hop artists. Paul “Bad News Brown” Frappier was found murdered in Little Burgundy, near the Lachine Canal at the intersection of William and Richmond Streets. Frappier, 33, was found by police close to midnight with visible gunshot wounds. The Montreal Police[Read More…]

City’s streak of firebombings continues

Montreal has seen more than 30 firebombings since last year. In November alone, there have been more than 10.   The latest incident occurred last Wednesday at a Haitian grocery store, Marche Steve Anna on Belanger Street in Rosemont. According to media reports, at around 3:30 a.m., passers-by noticed smoke[Read More…]

Nicolo Rizzuto murder the latest hit on mafia family

Students opening city newspapers last week saw pages upon pages covering on mafia leader Nicolo Rizzuto’s funeral. This is the latest in a string of headlines pertaining to the Montreal Mafia, which has been  under mysterious attack for more than a year. The notorious Rizzuto family and its associates have[Read More…]

Mile End construction disturbs businesses

For anyone living on Park Avenue above Mount Royal, the recent construction on the street is well-known and unwelcome. Noise starts as early as 7 a.m., while dust, gravel, and a maze of metal slabs and bright cones mar the sidewalk. The construction is meant to facilitate the revamping of[Read More…]

Conference tackles worldwide human rights problems

A diverse group of scholars, lawyers, politicians, and members of various academic disciplines gathered last weekend for the Global Conference on Human Rights and Diverse Societies at Centre Mont Royal, steps away from the McGill campus.   Founded by Gordon Echenberg as the Echenberg Family Human Rights Conference, this was[Read More…]

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