Blitzkrieg and Jitterbugs: McGill during wartime

McGill-Queen’s University Press Elizabeth Hillman Waterston enrolled at McGill in September 1939-the same month that Hitler’s Panzer divisions first rolled into Poland and World War II began. When one thinks about how fraught with tension the McGill campus has been this year, with students locking horns over issues like the[Read More…]

Community? Community. Community!

Sitting in on the Department of English Students Association’s  General Assembly, where its members debated whether they should continue to strike, I came to a realization: the discussion centred around something far greater than the issues themselves. The debate was really about how to discover and maintain a sense of[Read More…]

Becoming fond of ski-du-fond

Strolling past the McGill gym window last week was a deeply unsettling experience. The sight of weightlifters was worrying enough, with each lifter solemnly hulking over vast weights, staring themselves down in the mirror for lengths of time that would have impressed Narcissus. But what really disturbed me was the[Read More…]

Calling for an AFTER-PARTY!

        The sixth floor occupiers of the James Administration Building have left after a week-long “party.” It was a raucous affair involving balloons, cake, and pumping music, with shivering security guards playing the role of bouncers. And now that it’s over, I believe the time is right[Read More…]

In defence of “Merry Christmas”

McGill Tribune “Happy Holidays!” Well, “bah, humbug” to you, too. Yes, that’s right: the politically correct platitude, “Happy Holidays” rides in the same sleigh as cranky old Ebenezer Scrooge. And just like Dickens’s notorious misanthrope, “Happy Holidays” stifles the unbridled kindness that the season brings, turning the once popular phrase,[Read More…]

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