Getting dressed

The Tribune has published a number of articles in the how-to series this year. They have all been very helpful and for that you are welcome. One problem, however, with a lot of these articles is that they require wearing clothes. But, how do you get dressed? Here’s how: First,[Read More…]

Don’t fight racism with racism

I always thought there would be glory in being quoted by a major publication. But when an American Spectator blog reposted the opening paragraph of my article last week (“Anti-Semitism is real”) in their own coverage of McGill’s threatening tweets affair, I was disheartened—though not terribly surprised—to see that readers[Read More…]

St. Patrick’s day in Boston alone

If you’re like me, being alone is one of those things you spend most of your time avoiding. Unless I’m in some kind of intensive study disposition or having one of those occasional 20 minute introvert moments, I do very little by myself. Walking and talking, eating, grabbing coffee, even[Read More…]

Anti-Semitism is real

The morning before we published the story about Haaris Khan’s tweets last week, I think I startled one of my fellow editors. She was convinced that the story was a huge deal, that there would be a unanimous outcry, that this was one of those things that transcends politics and[Read More…]

Applying to grad school? Revised GRE debuts in August

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is about to undergo major alterations, but people disagree on what they might mean. The changes will affect a large number of students looking to attend university beyond the undergraduate level. Most academic graduate programs in the United States currently require applicants to submit GRE[Read More…]

Zamb on it, zamb on it

It’s often said that every Canadian kid grows up with hockey in their veins. We learn to skate before we can walk, have our first near-death experience playing street hockey, and know the (former) theme music to Hockey Night in Canada better than the “real” national anthem (that’s the song[Read More…]

SSMU to give opt-outable groups chance to speak out

The Students’ Society is gearing up to help opt-outable groups and services to protect their revenues. SSMU Vice-President Clubs and Services Anushay Khan announced at SSMU Council this week that roundtable discussions with several such groups—which include several SSMU services, the Quebec Public Interest Research Group, and CKUT Radio—led Khan[Read More…]

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