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Media Diets at McGill

The Atlantic Wire regularly prints a column entitled “Media Diet,” in which prominent writers and editors describe how they sift through the masses of information available everyday through various media outlets. Although these students have not reached the same level of literary fame as the Atlantic’s contributors, their media diets […]

Letters from the Editors

If you spend a lot of time complaining about McGill for its lack of or poorly run programs and student life, you would be a hypocrite to not vote YES for the Tribune’s independence. Okay, hypocrite’s a bit strong. But the point is, I spent a lot of time complaining about just that over my time at McGill.


The McGill Tribune is an independent, entirely student-run newspaper at McGill University, with a publication of 5,000 weekly print copies. It has covered McGill, Canada and the world since 1981. It features a wide variety of content – News, Opinion, Student Living & Features, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology, […]


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