‘Black Women’s Voices’ panel unpacks writing on the journey to justice

On Feb. 19, the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Tireless Readers Collective hosted “A Celebration of Black Women’s Voices in the Journey to Gender Equality,” a panel discussion featuring authors Zalika Reid-Benta, Eternity Martis, Francesca Ekwuyasi, and Jael Richardson. Chaired by the Foundation’s president and CEO, Paulette Senior, the panel reflected on[Read More…]

The McGill Tribune Presents: THE BEST AND WORST OF 2020

TV SHOWS 1. The Queen’s Gambit Netflix’s smash-hit scripted limited series follows Beth Harmon, an enigmatic chess prodigy. The twist? Harmon has had a tranquilizer addiction since she was child, a plot point that carries both her chess career and the binge-worthy nature of the show itself.  2. Normal People[Read More…]

The Booker Prize turns a new page

The debate over acceptance into the English literary canon grows livelier with each new publication. For some, the canon is a tradition—a members-only club seeking to promote the same trite stories over those centring women, people of colour, and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, among other marginalized groups. But the increasing prominence of[Read More…]

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