One McGill graduate’s fruitful job hunt

Last week, my one-time co-editor at the Tribune, and now full-time friend in real life, wrote about his post-McGill life and argued that McGill really is an amazing place. Something he mentioned, and I’ve been thinking about for the past five months, is that you don’t realize how great it[Read More…]

Redmen swimming – B

Adam Scotti With mostly second and third place overall team finishes throughout the season, the Redmen swimmers had an overall standard year collectively. The team finished 11th out of 19 teams at the CIS championships in late February to cap off a steady season that left the team with room[Read More…]

Scrap the mandatory Arts minor

A recent report from the Dean of Arts’ Working Group has suggested the removal of the mandatory minor from the current Faculty of Arts program. As it stands now, McGill Arts students are required to have at least one major and one minor. From both personal experience and a simple[Read More…]

This summer, don’t miss out on these releases Right now you’re probably at a crossroads. On the one hand, you’re excited about the upcoming summer’s entertainment possibilities, but on the other you’re worried that the Tribune won’t be here to guide your entertainment selection process. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about that, so you’ll just[Read More…]

Getting dressed

The Tribune has published a number of articles in the how-to series this year. They have all been very helpful and for that you are welcome. One problem, however, with a lot of these articles is that they require wearing clothes. But, how do you get dressed? Here’s how: First,[Read More…]

SSMU exec vows to take transparency to the extreme

After lofty promises were made during this year’s election campaign period, Adam Russell, next year’s incoming Students’ Society president has vowed to lead the SSMU with “so much transparency that ‘you won’t even see me.’” Russell, a U7 earth and planetary sciences student, said he is tired of students’ general[Read More…]

Student tries beer

After finally trying beer for the first time this past week, freshman Steven Karp has officially announced his plans to abandon his intentions of going to med school to become a doctor. Karp said that during recent weeks of “experimentation” with beer, he has decided that drinking and partying is[Read More…]

No room for brocism

The Brobune wants to talk about some of the stizzle in Deputy Brovost (Student Life and Ballin’) Gorton Pendelson’s recent Diversity Survey. One thing that sucks is that whole thing about the “underrepresentation of and discrimination towards the bro community at McGill.” Dude, what the frick, guy? Even though there[Read More…]

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