McGill website begins redesign

The McGill website is being revamped. The university’s website redesign team is gathering feedback in a survey to ensure the new changes are beneficial to the large number of visitors who access the site daily.   McGill’s team of web editors is redesigning of all the pages that are linked[Read More…]

New Quebec budget includes tuition increases

Quebec Minister of Finance Raymond Bachard released the province’s budget on Thursday, which included university tuition increases of $325 per year per student over the next five years, starting in the 2012-13 academic year. “Without a doubt, accessibility will be an issue with these hikes,” said Students’ Society Vice-President External[Read More…]

Five fee-based questions to go to referendum this semester

The winter 2011 referendum period is set to start on March 4 at 9 p.m. There are five referendum questions this semester, none of which have caused significant controversy. They are mostly related to student clubs and services at McGill. “I’m pretty optimistic about [the referendum period],” said Tais McNeill,[Read More…]

Two of five General Assembly motions pass

Matt Essert The winter 2011 General Assembly took place last Thursday in a quarter-full Adams Auditorium. Although quorum was reached at several parts of the GA, only two out of four motions debated successfully passed with quorum. Despite efforts made in the previous weeks this semester’s general assembly was sparsely [Read More…]

City of Montreal drops $2,500 fine to AUS

The Arts Undergraduate Society no longer has to pay the $2,500 fine that it was originally charged with due to the placement of an Arts Undergraduate Theatre Society poster on a lamppost. Due to financial constraints faced by the AUS this year, President Dave Marshall was ready to personally represent[Read More…]

Mentor program to launch

As an attempt to enrich the university experience and increase direct contact between McGill students, faculty, and staff, a Staff-Student Mentoring program is scheduled begin this term. Students will be randomly assigned to a mentor from a faculty different from their own, in order to build a non-academic relationship and[Read More…]

City councillor donates own body

Former City Councillor Michael Fainstat donated his body to McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in a program that gives students hands-on experience with real bodies. Fainstat, who died at 87 on December 29, was known for his many contributions to the community and decided to make his body the[Read More…]

Midnight Kitchen takes over Shatner’s Room 302

In an attempt to replace the Architecture Café, Room 302 of the Shatner Building is set to become the newest university lounge. The space, which is currently used during mealtime by Midnight Kitchen, will add to the number of student-friendly spots on campus and serve as a space for student[Read More…]

Landlord abuse prevalent

Demands for illegal deposits, unlawful refusals of leases, collection of private information, and harassment and intimidation are among the many complaints that university housing offices have been receiving from international students in Montreal. In response, Concordia’s Student Union is urging the Quebec’s Human Rights Commission to look into the allegations.[Read More…]

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