Saag Paneer This is my mother’s easier and healthier version of the classic Indian spinach dish that can be adapted to suit whatever you have in your kitchen. Paneer is an Indian fresh cheese that is fully vegetarian and a good source of protein. If you want a vegan alternative, substitute[Read More…]

Mother Mother: Eureka

Eureka, the third album from Canadian rock band Mother Mother, really packs a punch. Full of dance hooks, swelling harmonies, and heavy percussion, the first four tracks showcase what the five-piece band does best. The pop and rock elements are spot-on, and the addition of heavier synth beats makes the[Read More…]

The new prince of Canadian hip-hop Nowadays, the words “Canadian hip-hop” usually lead to a discussion of Toronto hitmaker Drake, whose surge in popularity has earned him fans all over the world. But Sunday’s Juno Awards saw Drake lose Rap Recording of the Year to Vancouver-based rapper Shad, whose 2010 album TSOL has also been[Read More…]

Carrot-Zucchini bread

This zucchini-carrot bread uses the healthiness of vegetables to create a guilt-free alternative to your average brownie. Quick and easy to make using any fruit and nuts you have lying around, it’s easy to tweak the recipe for a range of dietary restrictions. The best part is that the veggies[Read More…]

Eisley: The Valley

Indie darlings Eisley’s third full-length album, The Valley makes no bones about its subject matter. Reportedly inspired by singer Sherri DuPree’s split from Chad Gilbert, of emo band New Found Glory, the album pulls out all the stops and vocalists Sherri and Stacy DuPree don’t hold back when it comes[Read More…]

Do you want to be a rock & roll star? When talking about the best and brightest of Canadian indie music, Saskatoon rock outfit the Sheepdogs may not be at the top of your list. The band, who has been touring and recording for over five years, has quietly risen in popularity and recently caught the attention of Rolling[Read More…]

Bright Eyes: The People’s Key

It’s hard to listen to a Bright Eyes album without comparing it to what many reviewers and fans call their best, I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning—the folk half of a 2004-2005 double release. The band has continued to embrace a folk sound in the six years since the release of[Read More…]

Album Review: Adele – 21

British soul singer Adele's second album, 21, is conscious of its status as a make-or-break sophomore record. But while 2008's 19 was an album full of heart-wrenching confessions of love and regret, 21 doesn't wear its heart on its sleeve in quite the same way. The songs are still romantic[Read More…]

Sparkle and glitter for Diamond Rings This week, Toronto-based performer Diamond Rings will open for Scandinavian dance-pop giant Robyn as part of a multi-city North American tour that promises to be anything but boring. Diamond Rings, also known as John O’Regan, has become famous in recent months for his outlandish costumes, energetic performances, and infectious[Read More…]

The King’s Speech

Many of the films that will be contending in this year’s Academy Awards were released during the holiday season. For this reason, we bring you a rundown of the best movies from December 2010 that you should be sure to catch in theatres before school starts taking over.

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