Campus Spotlight: MASS

McGill is an acclaimed institution that attracts students from all over the globe, as evidenced by the number of cultural associations present at the university. However, the international identity of the university has not always been present. Anne-Sophie Tzeuton, U3 Political Science student and VP External for the McGill African[Read More…]

Campus Spotlight: UNICEF

McGill’s chapter of UNICEF has grown into a very different organization today from its conception in 2001. UNICEF McGill has changed radically over the past two years, growing in structural capacity, team spirit, support, and attendance from students. Over the past year specifically, UNICEF McGill has evolved from a fundraising[Read More…]

A ‘fin’tastic workout

After graduating from HEC Montréal in 2012 and working shortly at Bell Canada, Marielle Chartier Hénault decided to follow her passion for the underwater world by creating AquaMermaid, a mermaid school based out of Montreal. “I’ve always been known for loving the water,” Hénault said. “When I was younger, friends[Read More…]

Autumnal snacks

Pumpkin Spice Oats Makes 1 serving Ingredients 1/2 cup rolled oats 2 tbsp chia 2 tbsp raisins 1 tbsp nut butter 1 mashed banana 1/4 cup canned pumpkin pureé 1 cup milk (opt: almond or soy milk) 1 tsp cinnamon Directions: 1. Mix all ingredients together in a sealable container[Read More…]

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