The Fighter

Many of the films that will be contending in this year’s Academy Awards were released during the holiday season. For this reason, we bring you a rundown of the best movies from December 2010 that you should be sure to catch in theatres before school starts taking over.

When Dinner goes Down the Red Carpet

Celebrities have been known to make outlandish scenes on the red carpet—whether it’s for publicity, a personal crusade, or a political statement involving sporting a meat dress. For those of you who saw the recent MTV Video Music Awards, you know what I’m talking about. Not since Jennifer Lopez’s Dolce and Gabbana V-neck that went all the way down to her navel have so many jaws dropped so fast. You can thank Franc Fernandez for his carnivorous couture creation. Fernandez, the designer of Lady Gaga’s dress, created the unusual garment out of slabs of meat, complete with a matching hat, purse, and shoes.

Get off with the Help of your Friends

The latest movie to tackle the age-old convention of nerds trying to lose their virginity is aptly called The Virginity Hit. The film, with its newcomer cast, was produced by Will Ferrell. With the support of such a typically hilarious actor, one might assume that the movie promises to be as funny as some of his other film exploits. While it does have some funny moments, The Virginity Hit ultimaetly doesn’t hold a candle to Ferrell’s past work.

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