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First Impressions: Is ‘The Lighthouse’ worth the hype?

On a rainy Sunday evening, The McGill Tribune Arts & Entertainment team convened for one purpose and one purpose only: To watch the much-hyped Robert Eggers film The Lighthouse. Starring ex–Twilight cast member Robert Pattison and ex–Mr Bean’s Holiday villain Willem Dafoe, The Lighthouse has captivated audiences since its release. Whether or not […]

Off the board: Political critique without personal criticism

Topics dealing with race, sex, and gender are inherently politically and personally charged issues. Critiques based on these issues are bound to one’s own experience and identity; when these issues are raised, the discussion can quickly become emotionally-charged. These conversations are crucial in order to highlight and dismantle oppressive structures […]

Know your McGill Athlete: Jacob Gervais-Chouinard

The McGill Redmen are having an impressive season, and sophomore goaltender Jacob Gervais-Chouinard is a major reason behind this success. His outstanding save percentage of .944-per cent tops the CIS rankings. In the classroom, Gervais-Chouinard is a hard-working student majoring in Economics and minoring in Finance. At the moment, he’s not […]

Should I stay or should I go?

Whether you’re interested in learning another language, gaining work experience, or simply experiencing another culture, McGill’s student exchange opportunities provide a vastly different student experience from the one in Montreal. Currently, McGill has over 150 exchange partnerships with universities across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. Although each location offers […]

Analytics, athletics, and you

Whether they know it or not, all sports fans, even casual ones, have probably encountered data analytics, from Sportsnet graphics to a player’s batting average or save percentage. The sheer amount of data used in sports analysis can be intimidating for someone unfamiliar with analytics, but gaining a basic understanding […]