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Michael Angelakos’ coming out and sensationalism in media

During a recent podcast interview, Michael Angelakos—lead singer of Passion Pit—discussed his sexuality, stating that “I like girls, I like boys, everyone’s fantastic; but you know what? I’m gay. Finally.” The interview revolved around a number of other highly personal topics: His anxiety, bipolar disorder, history of suicide attempts, and […]

New Year’s resolutions

1. Aman Malhotra, U1 Arts and Science What was your last New Year’s resolution? Ironically, it was to avoid making unrealistic commitments. How young and naive I was. Did you maintain it? My hopeful pledge legitimately lasted until around teatime that very day, at which time I foolishly agreed to […]

Transitioning from CEGEP

With its pride of place in the heart of downtown Montreal, McGill is often seen as a global university, not solely a Quebec or Montreal institution. However, students from the province of Quebec make up a large portion of the university, comprising over two thirds of Canadian undergraduates and just […]

McGill makes a splash at Coupe de Quebec

McGill’s swimmers took to the Memorial Pool this past weekend in the second leg of the Coupe de Quebec. The Redmen and Martlets placed second overall, behind the juggernaut program from Université de Montreal. Senior Pierre-Alexandre Renaud, a captain for the Redmen, garnered male Swimmer-of-the-Meet honours to follow up on […]

10 Things: Creative sports Halloween costumes

Halloween is an exciting time for everyone, but finding a costume that is affordable and unique can be challenging. This year, The McGill Tribune’s sports writers put together a list of costumes for fans looking to do something more interesting than just wear their favourite athlete’s jersey. These ideas turned […]


Campus Conversation: How would you make SSMU a stronger representative body?

In light of recent controversies over the degree to which the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) represents the student body, we asked several students for their opinions: “How would you make SSMU a stronger representative body?” Representation, the first pillar Kareem Ibrahim Representation is one of the three pillars […]