Holly Wethey

Holly studies Honours English Literature at McGill. She is a Student Life Editor at The McGill Tribune. Aside from The Tribune, Holly is a founding editor of The Imagist and a reader for The Fiddlehead, The Malahat Review, and The /tƐmz/ Review. She is also Co-President of Mcsway Poetry Collective. Her work has been published in Yolk, The VEG, The McGill Tribune Creative Supplement, F Word, and Half a Grapefruit Magazine.

Posts by Holly Wethey

Sick day survival guide

In the COVID-19 world, it’s easy to panic the moment you let out a single cough or feel a tickle in your throat. Hyperaware as we are of cold symptoms, we are quick to notice when we have the dreaded common cold. Unfortunately, getting sick can take a toll on[Read More…]

Falling for Montreal

With a winning combination of abundant outdoor activities and cultural events, Montreal thrives during the fall season. The McGill Tribune has compiled a list of seven ways to enjoy the city this autumn—none of which include pumpkin spice lattes. 1. Go apple picking Though there will be no apple picking[Read More…]

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