Shake and half-baked conspiracy theories Shakespeare has joined the ranks of Godzilla, alien invaders, and apocalyptic Mayan predictions, with the release of Roland Emmerich’s latest film, Anonymous, in which we, the English-speaking world, are the unknowing victims of a political and literary conspiracy of titanic proportions. A conspiracy involving Queen Elizabeth herself and the[Read More…]

Spam off!

  One of my biggest regrets in university might be how liberal I was with my email address in first year. There’s a mindset that comes from being told over and over again to broaden your horizons and get involved with university life, both valid pieces of advice, which results[Read More…]

Occupy Montreal takes over Square Victoria

Sam Reynolds What started as a small protest in Vancouver and gained momentum on Wall Street became a global force on Saturday, Oct. 15, with occupations taking place in hundreds of cities globally. Montreal’s Square Victoria, in the downtown financial district, became the meeting point for almost a thousand ralliers[Read More…]

Burtynsky peels back the layers of oil use

Edward Burtynsky Just how much have humans changed the planet? Edward Burtynsky’s series of 56 photographs, titled Oil, answers that question far better than any academic or researcher ever could. Oil shows just how much we rely on the precious resource, with pictures grouped into three chapters: extraction sites and[Read More…]


tUnE-yArDs is a project orchestrated by Merrill Garbus, who respects musical conventions about as much as she respects typographic rules. The band played (in this writer’s opinion) the best show of POP Montreal on Friday night in the hottest and most humid venue of the whole festival. Despite the discomfort,[Read More…]

Laura Marling

Laura Marling’s stage banter at Theatre Corona on Saturday night was as endearing and honest as her music, drawing the audience right into her performance. Self-aware at first and claiming to be terrible at witty banter, she warmed to the audience and eventually confessed to a long-standing obsession with Canada[Read More…]

Camping Concoctions

In addition to putting up with plagues of insects, foul weather, and the threat of bears, campers will eat just about anything. The authentic wilderness experience just isn’t complete without risking complete digestive malfunction. Here’s my evaluation of  some unorthodox parings that I’ve tried in the past: Scrambled eggs with[Read More…]

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