The magic of Melo and the majesty of MSG

When you spend too long in one place, it tends to get to you. Therefore, it makes sense to use Reading Week to escape a dreary Montreal February for warmer climes. Yes, your faithful writer sought to escape the aggression of constant snow and biting wind and went to the[Read More…]

Redmen’s first period barrage buries Carleton

John Kelsey John Kelsey What looked like an even matchup between the OUA’s two top goaltenders turned out to be lopsided, as the Redmen benched Carleton backstop Matthew Dopud in the first period after scoring three unanswered goals. The Redmen held on to win 4-2. Dopud’s counterpart, McGill freshman Antoine[Read More…]

Steroids clouding MLB’s Hall of Fame judgements

Let’s start with the truth about Major League Baseball: 1) We’re still in the “Steroid Era.” 2) We’ve always been in the Steroid Era. This week’s example: a player under suspicion of juicing has been retroactively accused and it may jeopardize his Hall of Fame chances. Stop me if you’ve[Read More…]

National Football Conference – West

San Francisco 49ers: One of the following four teams will indeed “win” this division, but only in the loosest sense of the term. Expect the 49ers to limp to a division victory in spite of noodle-armed QB Alex Smith. Their running game and the win-or-be-mooned attitude of nutbar coach Mike[Read More…]

American Football Conference – West

San Diego Chargers: It must be hard to be a fan of a team that’s terrific every single regular season but can’t get it together in the playoffs. Phillip Rivers, for all his success in the regular season, isn’t the guy to change things. Evidently, he lacks the fortitude to[Read More…]

Dengue, typhoid, and a lesson learned

By virtually any measure, last month’s 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi were a complete disaster. A small budget wasn’t the issue but rather a large one was. With a cost of 30,000 Crore (300 billion Rupees), or close to $7 billion USD, they were easily the most expensive Commonwealth Games[Read More…]

NBA Preview – Central Division

Chicago Bulls: In the NBA’s most competitive division, Chicago should win and fill the void left by Lebron James’ departure from Cleveland. When Carlos Boozer returns from injury, he will team with Joakim Noah to make one of the best frontcourts in the league. Together, they will fight for every[Read More…]


Philadelphia Phillies: In their quest for a third straight pennant, the Phillies added Roy Halladay. Now they have great starting pitching, and four guys on the team who hit 30 home runs or more last season. Factor in a shutdown bullpen, and here’s the team to beat in the entire senior circuit.

THIRD MAN IN: Tiger, Elin, and Sex rehab

So it looks like Tiger has decided to do something about his errant wood, and it’s not what most people would have expected. In late December, the most recognizable athlete in the world checked into a sex rehabilitation clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Predictably, this news led to some backlash in the national tabloids, but if Tiger and those around him feel that he has a problem – and judging by recent events, this seems likely – then it’s good to see that he’s actually doing something about it.

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