Wall Art and Tan Lines

Summer in Montreal is the best time to catch up on our cultural quotas for the year: Time stretches out, schoolwork melts away, cash (hopefully) starts flowing in from summer jobs, and there seems to be a music festival for every weekend of July and August. Outdoor concerts and film[Read More…]

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Could Sing

“Why Do You Let Me Stay Here” Zooey Deschanel Released: January, 2008 Zooey Deschanel has garnered massive fame in recent years with her leading role in the successful TV show New Girl. Not everyone knows that she also stars as front-woman in the indie duo She & Him next to[Read More…]

Mile End thrift shop gets a natural makeover

When I turned into the open doorway of Citizen Vintage, the well-known Mile End boutique, I was greeted by a warm light and the cozy hum of French female artist Cgo’s intimate exhibition, “Enfants Sauvages” (which translates to “Wild Child”). Complimentary craft beer and vegetarian snacks welcomed all guests and[Read More…]


In listening to Celebrations by Sprïng, a band that self-identifies as a “psychedelic rock band,” it’s hard to determine whether the multifarious tracks are true exemplifications of intelligent prog-rock, or if they’re too distracted and overdone to make a serious impression. Although the latter may be true for the average,[Read More…]

Savoy Society turns 50

Fifty years ago this month, the Savoy Society was born as it graced the stage at McGill with its debut performance: Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. Today’s Savoy Society is honouring its golden anniversary by presenting the same whimsical, timeless operetta with which it first premiered so many years ago.[Read More…]

Worms of the Big Apple

In case you haven’t caught the barrage of social media buzz about it yet, Humans of New York’ is an online photography blog made up entirely of portraits of people on New York City streets. The man behind the camera, Brandon Stanton, describes the blog as a “photographic census” of[Read More…]

Ha Ha Tonka – Lessons

Inhabiting a unique spot at the crossroads of modern indie rock and backcountry American folk music, Ha Ha Tonka has delivered yet again with their fourth, highly anticipated album, Lessons. More introspective and instrumentally complex than their previous work, this multilayered set of tracks has far-reaching appeal, but rewards those[Read More…]

Talking street, straight from the heart

It seems as though the notoriously slow Montreal hip-hop world is being jostled awake by up-and-coming powerhouse female rap duo Heart Streets. With their smooth voices, and bold but unassuming presence, they are beginning to create some serious waves on the scene. Heart Streets took to the stage last Friday[Read More…]

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