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Pop Dialectic: The return of Twin Peaks and the “cult” TV phenomenon

Last week, TV show Twin Peaks’ cult following created an enormous internet buzz when it was announced that the show would be returning in 2016 for a nine-episode season after an unprecedented 25-year cancellation period. Two of our writers weigh in on the potential benefits and consequences of bringing a […]

Staff Round-Up: Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo (TLOP)

As a long-time Kanye West fan, I knew The Life of Pablo (TLOP) would deliver in terms of innovation, and considering Kanye’s career progression it was easy to guess that TLOP would feature heavily over-processed samples and gospel-esque backing beats with strong hooks and stronger guest artists. Admittedly, the best […]

Rihanna ANTI

Staff roundup: Rihanna’s ANTI

In light of Rihanna's latest album, ANTI, and genre trasition that came with it, the Arts and Entertainment staff at the McGill Tribune got together to write up their initial thoughts on Rih-Rih's latest project. Is ANTI a good album? Sure it is. It’s simple and stripped down, allowing for a cohesive but emotive […]

Owen Kydd's video of a knife

Pop Dialectic: Owen Kydd’s Durational Photographs

Is the latest exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Owen Kydd: Durational Photographs, actually a representation of high-quality art, or is it nothing more than a meaningless gimmick? Keep scrolling to read another perspective Emotionless frivolity does not make good art Alissa Zilberchteine       When some people […]

Academia Week highlights 2015

The curious, the questions, and the answers From Jan. 26 to 30, the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) hosted its annual Academia Week. The event sparked students' curiosity about science and life in academia, bringing in world-renowned scientists to present interesting questions related to their field of work.   SUS Academia […]