Justin Trudeau reaches out to McGill student voters

  Justin Trudeau—a hopeful for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada—spoke to McGill students and staff on Feb. 19 about the supposed political apathy of younger generations, the importance of engaging in politics, and the difference he believes a Trudeau government would bring. Since October, Trudeau has been[Read More…]

(Anna Bock / McGill Tribune)

SNC-Lavalin vice-president discusses social responsibility

On Jan. 18, the Institute for Studies in International Development (ISID) hosted a seminar by Jean-François Gascon, the vice-president of capacity building at SNC-Lavalin. The first event in a speaker series organized by ISID, Gascon’s presentation focused on explaining the concept of “Creating Shared Value” (CSV). Specializing in project management,[Read More…]

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