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Martlets Basketball – B

Alice Walker Throughout the year the Martlets had a bad habit of letting themselves fall behind early in games only to rely on extraordinary clutch play to pull out victories. They finally ran out of magic in the first round of the playoffs against a Laval Rouge-et-Or team that, despite […]

Redmen Basketball – B

Alice Walker When McGill brought in Head Coach David DeAveiro to lead the men’s basketball team, it was hoped that he would recreate the consistent success that he found at the University of Ottawa. The combination of a new coach and an exciting young core contributed to a season that […]

High Five!

Alice Walker For some reason, the high-five has lost a lot of the popularity it once held. I don’t know why this is, since high-fiving is totally awesome. It’s like saying hi to someone and them saying it back to you and you’re so excited to see each other that […]