Feist: Metals

It was “1234” that made Leslie Feist a household name, but it took her an awfully long time to get to that last number in terms of albums, and Metals marks her return after a five-year hiatus. At first listen, the disc sounds suspiciously similar to a number of other[Read More…]

2011 Polaris Music Prize Preview

The Polaris Music Prize is awarded annually to the best full-length Canadian album released that year, independent of genre or commercial success. Loosely based on the UK’s Mercury Prize, the judges evaluate each year’s nominees based on their creativity, diversity, and artistic integrity. Past winners include Caribou, Fucked Up, and[Read More…]

Game of Thrones

sickchirpse.com Amidst all the madness of late spring season finales, television addicts like myself were treated to an unexpected surprise in HBO’s newest show Game of Thrones. Based on a critically acclaimed series of fantasy novels by author and screenwriter George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones has been highly anticipated[Read More…]

The Evolution of Braids

alarmpress.com Fresh from the release of their first LP, Native Speaker, Braids is just finishing up the final leg of a North American tour. With a handful of shows scheduled over the next week in Canada and the U.S., Braids is set to play the tour’s final gig on Friday[Read More…]

These plays are short, but they still pack a punch

Opening this Wednesday at TNC Theatre, the 2011 Directors’ Projects are the result of a staggering amount of preparation, coordination, and dedication. Comprised of 11 separately staged productions, the festival is an excellent example of the advantages of student theatre. Each play runs about one hour in length and has[Read More…]

Chiddy Bang: The Preview

Chiddy Bang has been on the scene since February 2009, but they didn’t release their first single, “Opposite of Adults”—sampling MGMGMT‘s “Kids”—until a year later. Over that time Chiddy Bang has generated a lot of hype, becoming a widely played university favourite and lauded as everything from “a hipster’s wet[Read More…]

Matt & Kim: Sidewalks

Back with their third album, Sidewalks, indie rock favourites Matt & Kim please with their tried and true formula of shout-out choruses, heavy synths, and simple drumbeats. The songs on Sidewalks are just as good as previous efforts. The album opens with “Block After Block,” a tune filled with huge[Read More…]

Why deliberation is necessary

Saskia Nowicki  Closing the fall season at Players’ Theatre, the cast and crew of Twelve Angry Men take on the daunting task of performing an American classic on the McGill stage. Based on the 1954 teleplay by Reginald Rose, Twelve Angry Men has been adapted twice for film, performed on[Read More…]

The show about writing a show

Something about musical theatre is inherently ridiculous. It has to do with the fact that, whenever you see people singing onstage, you can’t help but notice that you’re watching a performance. As Julien Silverman and Dane Stewart point out in their director’s note, there is a long-standing tradition of “self-reference[Read More…]

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