Mid-season TV Previews

The River Tuesday, Feb. 7, 9:00 p.m. on ABC ABC has been seeking a replacement for its supernatural thriller LOST since it ended in 2010, and The River may be the answer. The show tells the story of a famed explorer and TV personality who disappears deep in the Amazonian[Read More…]

Down with Webster: Time to Win, Vol. 2

When it comes to Down With Webster, a party ain’t a party without red cups. If you’re not familiar with the band by name, there is no doubt you’ve heard one of their previous hits; Canadian radio loves them. The energetic six-man group comes through with their sophomore album Time[Read More…]

McConaughey rules

ramascreen.com At first glance, Matthew McConaughey’s new mystery/suspense/legal thriller The Lincoln Lawyer might strike you as an unusual project for the actor. A stray from his typecasting as a shirtless hunk in every woman’s favourite romantic comedy, McConaughey plays Mickey Haller, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. When he is[Read More…]

Midseason Sitcom Roundup

poptower.com poptower.com Episodes While its concept sounded great, the Episodes pilot is not as exciting and hilarious as it should have been. The show, starring Matt LeBlanc of Friends  fame and some Brits, plays off a familiar Hollywood theme: taking a British comedy hit and bringing it over to America.[Read More…]

True Grit

Many of the films that will be contending in this year’s Academy Awards were released during the holiday season. For this reason, we bring you a rundown of the best movies from December 2010 that you should be sure to catch in theatres before school starts taking over.

Kids for Ca$h?

In recent months, there’s been an influx of additions to the entertainment industry, and I’m not talking about popular university-targeted acts like Chiddy Bang or Mike Posner. I’m referring to significantly younger individuals—individuals who are surely not old enough to make a successful rise to fame by their own means.[Read More…]

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