Change Makers Episode 2: Alexis Zhou

In the second episode of Change Makers, Multimedia Editor Alex Hinton speaks with Alexis Zhou, a U3 Russian & Latin American Studies major, community organizer, and freelance journalist. Alexis recently co-founded the first ever Sunrise Movement chapter in Canada. They discuss the organization’s purpose, future, and how McGill students can[Read More…]

The #TakeJamesMcGillDown movement

  The petition #TakeJamesMcGillDown gained thousands of signatures this past summer. Multimedia Editor Alex Hinton spoke with some of the organizers of the movement to dive into its history and the response it has received.

What’s open at McGill? (Podcast)

The McGill Tribune · What’s open at McGill? Since McGill University has slowly started the reopening process, we spoke with two McGill leaders. They shared the creative ways they are attempting to bring campus back to life with new safety procedures.

McGill Explained: Philanthropy

In the first episode of McGill Explained, Multimedia Editor Alex Hinton dives into the reasons that cause people to make such large donations to universities, and highlights some of the stories behind the names of McGill buildings that have become part of everyday vocabulary.

Tribune Tries: Fencing

Sports editors Kaja Surborg and Ender McDuff meet the McGill Fencing Team, have a brief training session with them, and face-off in a fight to the death (best of three). Video by Staff Producer Alex Hinton

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