James Franco: the patische kid

If given the opportunity to be James Franco for a day, would you take it? He’s creative, sensitive, prolific, and intellectual, but at the same time fashionably disaffected, hinting at a slightly tortured artistic soul. He makes risqué films that screen at Cannes and plans to direct William Faulkner and[Read More…]

The Feburary blues

There is a point you reach in the middle of the winter when you realize that Montreal is not actually fit for human habitation. Usually it happens when you’re walking back from campus late at night. The wind is blowing, and even that pair of long underwear you’ve got underneath[Read More…]

Making sense of contemporary British theatre

Alice Walker Alice Walker When trying to describe the underlying message of TNC Theatre’s newest production, Attempts on Her Life, the odds are stacked against you. Attempts on Her Life, directed by Laura Freitag, is the best-known work by modern British playwright Martin Crimp. Divided into 16 episodic segments, the[Read More…]

This I believe?

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way.” —Stevie Wonder The university can be a hotbed for superstition. When you fill people’s heads with speculative ideas that are presented as facts, things will always get messy. Facts and metaphysical truths, when taken[Read More…]

Braids: Native Speaker

The name Braids will be a familiar one to most McGillians. These four Montreal locals (originally from Calgary) were one-time students here before dropping out to pursue music full time. After the successful release of their debut album, Native Speaker, on Kanine Records on January 18, it looks like things[Read More…]

Give discourse a chance!

Last weekend, the McGill Daily and Le Délit hosted the Canadian University Press’s annual conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Montreal. The conference was a huge success, providing a unique opportunity for student journalists from across the country to  meet one another and engage with professionals in the[Read More…]

Chemical Brothers : Further

Released earlier this year, the Chemical Brothers’ seventh effort, Further, can start to sound like a concert album after a few plays. Unlike many of the Brothers’ earlier releases, the album captures the raw intensity and structureless flow of a live set, filled with unexpected drops, blips, and volume shifts.[Read More…]

The American message wars

The most common weapon in the battle of American politics is the message. A candidate’s policy positions, record, and personality are secondary to the political message uniting them. In theory it’s a simple articulation of the candidate’s position, but in reality it’s usually just a mix of political marketing and[Read More…]

The enjoyment ethic

You are familiar with the words usually attributed to Bob Marley: “In every life we have some trouble/ But when you worry, you make it double/  Don’t worry, be happy.” This famous line—adopted as a mantra by stoners everywhere—was actually written by an early 20th century Indian mystic named Meher[Read More…]

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