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An exuberant crowd in the town of Hillsboro. (Luke Orlando / McGill Tribune)

Monkeys vs. Adam and Eve: Players’ Theatre holds court

Society generally accepts Darwin’s theory of evolution. Nevertheless, there remain pockets that deny its validity—the state of Tennessee, for instance, recently began teaching creationism in schools. With the origins of man still a controversial topic, McGill student Annabel Raby decided to direct Inherit the Wind: a play examining both sides […]

First annual ‘Clash of the Professors’ covers global economic affairs

On March 13, the McGill Students Trading Society (MSTS) hosted its first annual “Clash of the Professors’ event on the subject of global economic affairs. Economics Professor Paul Dickinson moderated the debate between Economics and North American Studies Associate Professor Tom Velk and Economics Associate Professor Christopher Ragan. MSTS Chief […]

Pop Dialectic: When should the most wonderful time of the year begin?

With Thanksgiving and Halloween behind us, the holiday season in Canada has officially begun. For some international students, though, American Thanksgiving will delay the onslaught of holiday music that has already found its way into grocery stores and Spotify playlists. This week, The McGill Tribune weighs in on one of our […]