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A man about town

Most people do not plan on purchasing a town. But Manuel Paul Gabber, owner of the quintessential Plateau record store and event venue, Paul’s Boutique, does. Gabber has been eyeing a property called //Canadiana Village// for a couple of years now: A ghost town about 50 minutes north of Montreal […]

Appreciating the art of artistic swimming

Artistic swimming—renamed from synchronized swimming in 2017—is often portrayed as a combination of swimming and gymnastics. However, the sport deserves to be considered in its own right. Artistic swimming is affectionately referred to as “synchro,” and individuals who participate in the sport have good reason to love it. Being an […]

MUHC to begin trial of ciclesonide for alleviating COVID-19 symptoms

While the race for a COVID-19 vaccine continues, scientists around the world are exploring the possibility of repurposing existing drugs to effectively treat COVID-19 patients. Recently, researchers have seen a number of breakthroughs. One of these successes is dexamethasone, a corticosteroid hormone with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties.  The conclusions of […]