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Students vote to remove SSMU President Darshan Daryanani after tumultuous year in office

*Content warning: Gender violence, sexism, harassment Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) President Darshan Daryanani was impeached in a Special General Assembly (GA) on April 11. The three-hour meeting culminated in the approval of a motion to remove Officer Daryanani from his post, which surpassed the required two-thirds majority with[Read More…]

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Faculty and staff sign open letter endorsing SSMU’s adoption of Palestine Solidarity Policy

An open letter published in The McGill Daily on April 5 endorsed the Students’ Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) adoption of the Palestine Solidarity Policy. The letter, titled “Support SSMU and the Palestine Solidarity Policy,” was signed by 103 McGill faculty and staff members. It came after an email from[Read More…]

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‘Human Resources’ may not top ‘Big Mouth,’ but it impresses nonetheless

In the mythical world of Big Mouth’s spinoff series, the department of Human Resources in question may appear like any other: Employees attend boring meetings, unpaid interns pretend to take minutes, gossip is exchanged in the elevator, and love triangles brew between coworkers. But viewers should not let this department’s[Read More…]

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