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Campus conversations: Recovery

Making peace with grey Ella Fitzhugh, News Editor  **Content warning: Mentions of mental illness, eating disorders** I’ve never been secretive about my love for psychotherapy. Admittedly, I have weeks where I dread the session—fears about my perceived lack of progress in treatment flood my mind. Other times, however, I desperately[Read More…]

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Household energy efficiency segregated along racial lines in the U.S., study finds

As the climate crisis worsens, reducing carbon emissions has become one of the most pressing priorities to mitigate its effects. In the United States in 2020, the residential sector was responsible for approximately 20 per cent of total carbon emissions from energy consumption. Targeted housing policies that increase residential energy[Read More…]

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Students’ Society of McGill University Executive Midterm Reviews 2021-2022

Darshan Daryanani, president  Darshan Daryanani’s time as president is difficult to evaluate due to his absence from every SSMU Legislative Council meeting of the Fall 2021 term and from all Board of Directors meetings since Oct. 7. Daryanani did continue to play minor roles on other committees, including McGill’s Centraide[Read More…]

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