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We’ve got the(m) beat

Music at sporting events has the remarkable ability to intensify each twist and turn of a game, create a gripping narrative, and even sway the outcome in one team’s favour.  Some might say this is best evidenced by the opening scene of High School Musical 3, where Troy Bolton (Zac[Read More…]

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CCP interference allegations are not an excuse for anti-Asian racism

News coverage about the Chinese government’s alleged interference in Canada’s 2021 federal elections has continued for more than a month since The Globe and Mail reported that CSIS received intelligence about the Beijing government’s possible meddling in the 2021 federal election.  The media attention has created a public uproar because[Read More…]

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Meeting on affordable housing brings together students, unions, advocacy groups

Students and community organizers filed into the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Ballroom on March 21 to talk about the housing crisis in Montreal. The two-hour annual general meeting (AGM), held by the SSMU External Affairs (EA) office’s Affordable Student Housing Committee (ASHC), showcased booths from eight guest organizations[Read More…]

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