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Letter to the editor: Tuition deregulation is a gamble at best, destructive at worst

The Tribune’s editorial, “Deregulation at McGill should not necessitate an increase in international student tuition,” is inaccurate and unrealistic in depicting what tuition deregulation would entail for students. First, it fails to clearly differentiate between equalization and deregulation policies; it is possible to eliminate the equalization model in Quebec without […]

Editorial: Deregulation at McGill should not necessitate an increase in international student tuition

The Quebec government recently announced a new round of budget cuts to university funding for the 2016-2017 academic year. As a means of mitigating the blow, however, the government is rumoured to also have given Quebec universities the green light to raise tuition for international students to the tune of up […]

Tuition deregulation, financial report dominate Senate discussion

At its third meeting of the year on Nov. 18, the McGill Senate expressed hope that the provincial government would allow for tuition deregulation for international, and potentially non-Quebec Canadian students across all faculties. Amendments to the university’s safe disclosure policy and the continued problem of deferred maintenance to infrastructure […]

Editorial: Tuition deregulation necessary, transparency paramount

At a Senate meeting held on Jan. 21, Provost Anthony Masi stated that McGill is pursuing deregulation of student fees for international students in the remainder of the regulated faculties. The Faculties of Engineering, Management, Science, and Law have already been deregulated, and, as a result, have seen international student […]