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A look into McGill’s fashion scene: ’90s style is back

When walking through the McGill campus for the first time, visitors might be struck by students’ diverse and bold fashion choices. With such an international student body comes a plethora of colours, textures, and attitudes—and students don’t hesitate to break nearly every fashion boundary out there. Among the most popular […]

Winter style forecast

FELT COAT The felt coat has popped up during fall, and is likely to prevail throughout the winter season. With influential designers such as Celine, the coat can reach as long as mid-calf length, is a tad oversized, and can commonly be found in neutral colours such as grey, black, […]

The substance of style

Since the invention of the printing press, news media has endeavoured to employ capitation in the interest of magnetizing readers into ratifying their viewpoints and escalating their market share. The McGill Tribune is no exception, as the paper employs strategic readership engagement tactics in order to endue its student body […]