Law enforcement and community experts call for dialogue on systemic discrimination

To promote a better understanding of systemic discrimination and how to combat it, the Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR) and the Criminal Law Group of McGill co-hosted a panel discussion on Feb. 11 titled “Systemic Discrimination: Challenges for Policing in An Age of Diversity and Heightened Public Scrutiny.” […]

Removal of Viger Square homeless encampment by SPVM spurs reaction from Anonymous

Following the Jan. 7 bulldozing of a homeless encampment in Viger Square, the Service de Police de la ville de Montreal  (SPVM) has responded to subsequent backlash. In Nov. 2014, Anonymous, a hacker collective, began an initiative called Operation Safe Winter (OpSafeWinter). The initiative’s goal was to protect the homeless community […]

Demonstration draws crowds of thousands in protest against austerity

Last Friday, thousands of people including students, unions, and social service organizations gathered for a one-day strike and protest on the austerity measures being imposed by the Quebec government under Liberal Premier Philippe Couillard. The demonstration was declared illegal by the Montreal Police Service (SPVM) about 30 minutes after it […]