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Wavves V

Album Review: V – Wavves

With it’s reminiscently ’90s punk vibe, Wavves’s new album V presents everything listeners hate to love about angsty rock. The album opens with “Heavy Metal Detox,” which includes classic dissonant, yet upbeat chords that are vaguely reminiscent of MTV’s Daria theme song. The song sets a hopeful tone for the album with the lyrics “I… Keep Reading

Pagans in Vegas Metric

Album Review: Pagans in Vegas – Metric

          Metric is a band that has yet to make a misstep in their 17 year career, and they have become known as founders of the Canadian indie-rock scene. Their latest album Pagans in Vegas, the band’s sixth overall and first in over three years, attempts to follow this trend. Frontwoman Emily… Keep Reading

Ultimate Painting Green LAnes

Album Review: Ultimate Painting – Green Lanes / Trouble in Mind

          Evoking a sound reminiscent of the past is a style that many artists have attempted, and subsequently failed. For while it’s easy to try to replicate, for example, the ’80s through echoing drums, reverbed vocals, and synths, in essence the replication is only a heavily romanticized and nostalgic trip down… Keep Reading


alt-J on fame and staying the same

Despite being one of the most surprising success stories for indie-rock bands in the past half decade, alt-J are the definition of down-to-earth. Having released their debut album, An Awesome Wave in 2012, the band received multiple nominations at both the BRIT (2012) and Grammy Awards (2015), and won the coveted Barclaycard Mercury Prize (2012)… Keep Reading

Mac Demarco

Album Review: Mac Demarco – Another One / Captured Tracks

          Brooklyn-based indie artist Mac DeMarco has a knack for crafting effortless-sounding songs. His debut album, 2 (2012), and follow-up Salad Days (2014) played heavily on a hazy aesthetic that was the definition of lazy Sunday-morning music. On Another One—a ‘mini LP’—DeMarco is unable to progress from his initial sound sound;… Keep Reading


Osheaga 2015 recap: Day three

With the sun shining high in the sky, thousands of fans eagerly made their way through Parc Jean Drapeau to their favourite acts. With a fabulous set of artists lined up, festival goers appeared in good spirits, dressed in tanks, shorts, and rocking their pair of raybans—the final day of Osheaga began and finished on… Keep Reading


Osheaga 2015 recap: Day one

Somewhere in between the beautiful and the profane is the Osheaga Festival Musique et Arts, back for its 10th time. This is to be expected from a festival that has to cater to both its corporate sponsors and a large base of young, passionate music fans. The Tribune is attending all three days of the… Keep Reading

Tame Impala Currents

Album Review: Tame Impala – Currents / Interscope

          Tame Impala’s previous two efforts, Innerspeaker (2010) and Lonerism (2012), were widely talked about pieces of work that pushed the boundaries of psychedelic rock into previously unexplored territory. On their third studio album, Currents, lead singer Kevin Parker has perfected his knack for crafting exquisite melodies layered beneath his own… Keep Reading

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