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Learning from the successes and failures of AVEQ

Following years of apathy and disengagement, the announcement that the Association for the Voice for Education in Quebec (AVEQ), a provincial student union, had dissolved generated little attention on McGill’s campus. While students are passionate advocates for causes like greater access to mental health services at McGill and the upcoming […]

With rising temperatures come rising tension, especially for Montreal’s youth

With rising temperatures come rising tension, especially for Montreal’s youth

On Oct. 6, protesters flooded downtown Montreal and Centre-Sud to voice their frustrations with Premier-designate François Legault’s weak stance on environmental issues. Legault is facing immense backlash regarding his plans to further Hydro-Québec development, his support of fossil fuel exploitation in Quebec, and his overall indifference toward the pressing topic […]

The Curiosity Podcast | Episode 1: Does monolingualism affect McGill students?

This week the Tribune recaps recent developments in the appointment of a independent investigator of sexual assault claims at the university, Milton-Parc community activism, and our nation-wide epipen shortage. In the latter half of the podcast we speak to Lucas Bird, the author of the contentious Tribune article “Quebec’s quest […]

Religious neutrality isn't neutral

Religious neutrality isn’t neutral

On Oct. 1, Quebec elected 74 members of the Coalition Avenir du Québec (CAQ) to the National Assembly, giving the party a majority mandate. The CAQ campaigned on a platform of reducing immigration, restructuring government institutions, and maintaining ‘religious neutrality.’ Discussions about religious neutrality are not new in Quebec: In […]