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‘Blood Relations’ is a haunting portrait of social isolation

Sharon Pollock’s award-winning play Blood Relations, currently showing at Moyse Hall, was directed by Professor Sean Carney and produced by the McGill Department of English. The story is a bone chilling, pulse-quickening, and thought-provoking examination of one of the most notorious cause célèbres in history. Set in 1902, Blood Relations takes place […]

‘Ain’t That Rich’ asks who and what constitutes being “poor”

In today’s context of out-of-touch politicians blaming millennials’ lack of real estate on avocado toast and “Fight for 15” groups across North America protesting the stagnation of the minimum wage compared to the rising cost of living, we are sometimes left wondering: Who and what actually constitutes being “poor”? Kate […]

Play review: ‘Angélique’ demands that Canada confront a painful past

There’s a smug detachment that accompanies the way a lot of Canadians talk about their past. Despite our country's tradition of violence and systematic oppression, many Canadians perceive our history to be bemusedly boring—something to be admired from afar but never thoroughly confronted or engaged with. We too often have […]