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Uncovering past climates through paleobotany

Paleontology has long offered scientists insight into the mysteries of prehistory. Through excavations of colossal skeletons, petrified insects, and fossilized plants, researchers can uncover what life looked like long ago.  Despite the extensive study of animals from the Cretaceous period, which stretched from 145.5 million years ago to the dinosaur […]

New statistical measure calculates relationship between climate change and plant health

Climate change is altering seasonality as we know it; the average American winter has shrunk by more than one month over the last century. While this has received plenty of attention as a positive phenomenon for sun-starved North Americans, the impact that shorter winter seasons and changing photoperiods—the interval in […]

Growing pains

Until this year, my university career had mostly consisted of evading responsibility and exhibiting a never-ending lack of foresight. Entering the Fall 2017 semester, however, I decided it was time for a change. Taking the biggest step I felt capable of, I bought a plant. Weighing in at approximately five […]