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Lucius becomes one with the music

On March 28, Lucius, a five-piece band led by singers Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe, performed at Theatre Fairmount as part of its tour to commemorate the release of its second album, Good Grief. While its first album, Wildewoman, has been praised for its soulful ’60s vibe, its new album moves in a different direction,… Keep Reading

Trib Mix

Trib Mix: Guilty Pleasures

Midterm season isn’t complete with a good emotional break-down and a moment to just let completely loose. The best way to successfully accomplish both is by jamming out to your favourite guilty pleasure song, but not just any mildly embarrassing track. The perfect song for getting over midterm insanity is the type of track that… Keep Reading


The Mile End’s musical history

For aspiring musicians, Montreal’s Mile End is the place to be. The likes of Arcade Fire, Grimes, and BRAIDS have emerged from its streets. Montreal is already famous for being a cultural and artistic hub, so it begs the question: What made the Mile End so unique? “The Mile End is a neighbourhood that has… Keep Reading


McGill 101: Music mania in Montreal

There’s no denying that Montreal is one of the top pop culture hubs in Canada. One look at the summer festival line-up and anyone would find themselves in shock from musical overload. While it’s true that summer is the best time for outdoor concerts, and big festivals tend to attract even bigger stars, there are… Keep Reading

Seoul music

Seoul steps out of the shadows

For any up-and-coming band, the first festival performance is a big deal—it solidifies their role in the music world and confirms that the effort they put into their music is worth it. This experience was no different for Montreal-based band Seoul, who cheerfully reiterated during their performance that playing at Osheaga was their first “big… Keep Reading

best albums of 2015

The best albums of 2015 (so far)

15. Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, Girl Full of surprises, Jenny Hval’s fifth studio album delves into territory that her previous work had avoided entirely. It pushes boundaries, with noisy interludes and sharp melodies that are so well crafted it’s impossible to take all the musical arrangements in with one listen. It’s weird, wonderful, and one… Keep Reading

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