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Take me to church: Sistine Chapel comes to Montreal

Few works are as universally recognized or as globally revered as Michelangelo’s masterful works in the Sistine Chapel. Created in the early 16th century, these works depict scenes from the Bible’s Book of Genesis, biblical prophets, and the ancestors of Jesus. Among its most recognizable images are the Great Flood, the battle between David and… Keep Reading

David Marvin Street Chronicles

Street Chronicles: Impressions of Montreal

Along a crowded sidewalk in downtown Montreal panels of mounted photographs overlook McGill College Avenue. At first glance, the photographs offer a simple glimpse into the past, but on closer look, they are mementos of individual lives that have been touched by the city. On another level, the photographs offer a poignant perspective on the… Keep Reading


Out on the town: Montreal’s best eggs Benedict

The eggs Benedict is a staple of any brunch menu. In its truest form it is a soft-poached egg on top of a savoury bed of ham, laid on an English muffin and covered in the raison d’être, hollandaise sauce. Hollandaise sauce is a French sauce made primarily of egg yolk and butter, but also… Keep Reading

Lachine Canal

Unearthing Montreal’s urban landscapes

For some students, venturing beyond the McGill bubble means going bar-hopping on Saint- Laurent or adventurously moving to the Plateau after moving out of residence. But truly understanding the city—especially without being a native citizen—is hard to do on one’s own. There’s usually a specific identity and character behind each region, and Montreal is a… Keep Reading

Seoul music

Seoul steps out of the shadows

For any up-and-coming band, the first festival performance is a big deal—it solidifies their role in the music world and confirms that the effort they put into their music is worth it. This experience was no different for Montreal-based band Seoul, who cheerfully reiterated during their performance that playing at Osheaga was their first “big… Keep Reading

Mondial de la biere Beer Fest

Montreal’s 22nd annual Beer Fest brews up fun

The Mondial de la Bière took place from June 10-14 at the Palais des Congrès. The festival's name recalls global-level soccer competitions, but there's little in the way of contest here. The mandate of "Beer Fest"—as English-speakers refer—is to bring beer-related fun and knowledge to the Montreal community. Beer Fest was founded in 1994 by… Keep Reading

montreal food festivals

Indulging in Montreal’s summer food festivals

Residents of Montreal with big appetites will rejoice at this summer’s platter of upcoming food festivals. While Montreal’s cuisine is certainly not lacking in diversity or selection, food festivals are unique in that they often feature variations on a certain dish or type of cuisine, allowing patrons to indulge in a dish’s spectrum of taste.… Keep Reading

montreal biodome

From the BrainSTEM: Montreal Museums Day

As a student, being able to immerse myself in Montreal’s rich network of museums—without having to pay anything—is an exciting proposition. On May 24, when the Board of Montreal Museum Directors hosted the 29th edition of La Journée Des Musées, Montréalais: Montreal Museums Day, I had to participate. The Biodôme, one of the participating museums,… Keep Reading


Wall Art and Tan Lines

Summer in Montreal is the best time to catch up on our cultural quotas for the year: Time stretches out, schoolwork melts away, cash (hopefully) starts flowing in from summer jobs, and there seems to be a music festival for every weekend of July and August. Outdoor concerts and film screenings are given but no… Keep Reading

Pan Am Games 2015

Raining on Toronto’s two billion dollar parade

When Toronto was chosen in 2009 to host the 2015 Pan American and Parapan Games, the provincial and municipal governments celebrated the chance to bring a boom of tourism to the shiny capitalist engine of Canada and revitalize the city. Toronto would follow up the legendary Vancouver 2010 Olympics with its own summer spectacle, and… Keep Reading

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