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From the Mainland to Montreal

This past weekend marked the premiere of the movie But Always (Yi Sheng Yi Shi), a 1970s drama that revolves around two former lovers from Beijing who meet by coincidence in New York City and rekindle their lost romance. Keep Reading


Electrodash lights up the night

Montreal hosted its first  Electrodash this past Friday, Aug. 29 at Parc Jean Drapeau. With just over 5,000 participants, Electrodash—a 5 K electronic-themed run—partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to raise money for cancer research. Keep Reading

Bands playing at Osheaga

Osheaga’s local acts

Osheaga is over, and with the the end of one of the most anticipated festivals of the summer, Montreal seems to have settled down before the hectic frenzy of back-to-school season. But while most international bands have returned to their homes, sometimes an ocean away, much of the talent at the eighth installment of Osheaga… Keep Reading

The Just For Laughs festival is a Montreal summer staple

Just for Laughs roundup

Since its founding in 1983, the annual Just for Laughs event throughout Montreal has been bringing in show-stopping comedians and joyfully tearful tourists from all over the globe. This year, the Tribune invaded the largest comedy festival in the world to observe and interview four of the comics featured. Adrienne Truscott Adrienne Truscott may be new… Keep Reading

Demonstrators rallying in solidarity with victims of police brutality

Demonstrators rally in solidarity with victims of police brutality

Demonstrators rallied downtown to show solidarity with victims of police brutality on May 7. Approximately 40 people attended the protest, including individuals who had previously acquired injuries as a result of police actions. The protest was held in part as a response to heightened police presence at an earlier demonstration in April, which protested government… Keep Reading

montreal summer fireworks

Take advantage of Montreal’s vibrant summer season

Exams are close on the horizon;  and before you know it, they’ll merely be a painful memory. With the long-awaited end of Winter semester, some of you might be homesick and itching to get back to your family and friends. Others  might be shackled to school for another month (or two), earning some summer credits.… Keep Reading

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