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Third annual Community Engagement Day encourages students to get involved

Last Thursday, the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE) held its third annual Community Engagement Day (CED). Around 45 organizations with 54 projects were present at the event, which drew about 550 attendees. According to Lina Martin-Chan, CED’s communications coordinator, the event aims to bridge the community-campus divide and […]

Investigating journalism

It’s no secret that the landscape of the journalism industry is profoundly different than it was at the start of the 21st century. The prevalence of the internet has fundamentally altered the way in which people consume print journalism; consequently, it has eroded both circulation and advertising, the primary revenue […]

Editorial: Latest athletics case draws attention to need for continued reform

Last Wednesday, Luis Guimont-Mota, a player for the Redmen football team, was arrested on charges stemming from an alleged domestic abuse incident involving his wife.  Much of the discussion of the case since had revolved around the player, with only the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) statement mentioning the […]

Five classes you won’t regret choosing as electives

Students spend the majority of their time in university in classes that will propel them towards a future career. Many don’t have electives and the few who do sometimes waste them on so-called ‘bird courses.’ If you’re looking for a new approach, try choosing courses that are worth your while—either subjects that interest you, or courses that provide a fresh look at your field and will give you a new spark that will help keep you excited about studying in that department. Here are five courses for students, across the board, that either have great professors, interesting material, or—if you are really lucky—both.