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Letter to the Editor: The problem with SSMU’s GSVP funding gap

Content warning: sexual violence On Oct. 6, The McGill Tribune’s editorial board published an editorial titled “The Anti-Violence Fee Levy requires immediate support.” In the article, the Editorial Board advocated for students to support the Anti-Violence Fee Levy that went before the student body for referendum Nov. 9-12. I wish […]

Alexei Simakov files J-Board petition against Elections SSMU

Alexei Simakov, former Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) presidential candidate, filed a petition on Thursday to the Judicial Board (J-Board), SSMU’s judicial branch. The petition calls for the J-Board to file sanctions against Kareem Ibrahim, incoming SSMU President. “Alexei Simakov over the course of the campaign was libeled repeatedly […]

SSMU Building at McGill

Student files Judicial Board petition against SSMU executives, Board of Directors, Elections SSMU

On Sept. 22, U3 Arts student Alexei Simakov filed a Judicial Board (J-Board) petition against the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Executives, Board of Directors, and Elections SSMU, claiming that SSMU had violated its bylaws and constitution by failing to appoint Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Ben Fung through a […]